Workplace project is a term often used to describe learning experiences whose roots lie in the real world in general and the workplace in particular. Very often, the “high” experienced after attending a training workshop gets dissipated in the days and weeks to come as there is no mid to long term sustainability of learning. At Avant, we work with organizations to take the learning experience and convert it into behavior. This is done by positive reinforcement of learning at daily work touch points. We are also very keen that organizations monitor learning behavior through our well defined and task oriented evaluations that will determine how well learning has been internalized. Such projects are executed in a time bound manner with a cyclical monitoring - evaluating - retraining format till the cycle is deemed complete by all stakeholders.


  • Training Learning Implementation – One of the most important deliverables of training is how well it has been internalized and institutionalized. A common complaint is that while learning is appreciated and helpful, its full impact is not realized in the absence of monitoring mechanisms. At Avant, we work with clients to create post training projects that are implemented in the workplace by employees who have undergone training. These time- bound projects carry the learning into work touch points. Trained employees are mandated with applying the learning in their everyday work life and to monitor and report the same

  • Evaluation and Assessment – The evaluation and efficacy of the workplace projects are captured in our reporting mechanism that is created through client inputs. We help our clients determine the thereby creating a “before” and “after” scenario. As the learning outsourcing partner, Avant evaluates and assesses the inputs received to determine how well teams have internalized learning and what, if any, shortfalls remain. Independent monitoring of trained role holders is done concurrently by Avant along with the client’s in house
    team leaders.

  • Evolving Needs Analysis – Based on the evaluation of the work place projects, we can conclude several things, namely, how well the trainees have internalized learning, which amongst the group has been able or unable to do so , what specific inputs are needed to overcome the shortfalls and how should the gap be addressed. These findings create an ‘evolving’ needs analysis report which specifies learning shortfalls that subsequent rounds of training engagements will address and fulfill.
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