Avant ensures that training programs are delivered by the most suitable resources who add value to the engagements not only through their style and professional capabilities but also through their life experiences and knowledge. Our team of highly experienced trainers makes these workshops both effective and enjoyable. Our aim is to leave an impact with our training so that you benefit and feel like driving change. Whether it is employment of cognitive methods or behavioral methods, we deliver training in a manner that is most relevant and appropriate.


  • Instructor Led Training – This method of training is by far the most widely used and accepted form of training. This method of training delivery may include various topic specific offerings such as:
    • Lectures and Discussions
    • Games and Simulations
    • Business Games
    • Case Studies
    • Role Plays
    • Experiential training

  • Computer based and aided training – The world today is not just fast paced and ever changing but also getting smaller. The corporate world in particular is becoming increasingly seamless, geographically delinked and cross pollinated. Such a scenario presents companies, especially HR departments with the onerous responsibility of providing relevant and cost effective training to employees in a quick turn-around time frame. Computer based and aided training is a great alternative to traditional training in order to achieve these goals. Under this method of training we include offerings such as Interactive Tutorials and Instruction led Non interactive modules. Our clients increasingly desire to use the Intranet and the Internet as cost effective means of training delivery. At Avant, we work with our clients to create, manage and deliver the same.
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