Every organization faces risks, growth impediments and talent management issues in the course of its lifespan. At every stage of growth, an organization needs to evaluate and assess its potential and weakness and accordingly build a growth plan for its resources, especially its people. Avant helps organizations by conducting in-depth diagnostics at every stage of management based on detailed engagement with employees and evaluation of company-wide processes. We diagnose and ascertain pain areas that may be as varied as low employee motivation, reasons for below par sales, poor customer centricity or high attrition amongst employees. The aim of such diagnostic activity is to remove people-process gaps that are impacting the well being of the organization. These gaps are then addressed, analyzed and filled by Avant’s learning interventions.


  • Needs Analysis Studies - A needs analysis study is done for the client after discussing issues that are critically impacting the growth and well being of the organization. Such a study may be required for a business vertical within the organization, a business function within the organization or on a company wide basis. Such a study determines the as is current situation vis a vis people, process, business orientation, skills and behavior and what the desired scenario ought to be.
  • Report writing and Presentation – The finding of the Needs analysis studies are scientifically analyzed and presented to the stakeholders for review and discussion.
  • Action Planning for Training – Results of the Needs analysis study and its subsequent review and discussion among stakeholders conclusively determines the nature and timeline for training. Avant provides the client a time bound plan of action which covers a comprehensive training schedule covering all areas needed to be addressed.

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