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    How To Learn To Speak Spanish Fast?

    View Your First Lesson Now! It's FREE!

    Learn Conversational Spanish Online

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    • How does this Spanish e-course work?Enter description here.
      It’s simple! Upon purchasing your level, you will immediately receive a Welcome Letter with your password and your first lesson via email. From here on, you’ll automatically receive one lesson in your email inbox every day, every two days or once a week as requested. There are 40 lessons per level, each lesson about a different topic.

      • Choose from 4 levels: Level A for Beginners, Level B for Intermediate, Level C for Advanced and Level D for Almost Fluent.
      • Purchase one level at a time. No need to buy all levels at once; simply start with the level that suits you. Once you have completed that level, purchase the next. If you’re a level D student, you can buy just this one level. Our system is so flexible!
      • Choose your lesson frequency: every day, every two days or once a week and change it at any time during the e-course if you wish. You can also pause or interrupt your lessons whenever you want and for as long as you want. If you need to take a short or extended break or if you’re going on a holiday, simply place your lessons on pause and activate your lessons when ready to continue again.
      • It’s possible to take more than one lesson in a day. At the end of each lesson, just click on the link called: “I can’t wait for the next lesson; send it to me right now” and take as many lessons a day as you wish. Some students choose to take up to 3 lessons a day.
      • The lessons are printer-friendly. You can print each Spanish lesson and create your own phrase book.
      • All lessons are retrievable through your Daily Spanish Phrases online account. They’re accessible at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can review past lessons and can practice when you want and at the speed you want. Totally convenient!
      • Manage your own account. When you sign-up for the course, you will receive an online DSP account allowing you to manage your lessons. You"ll be free to change the frequency of your lessons, review past lessons and purchase new levels.
      • Open your Spanish lesson sent via mail and begin reading the English/Spanish phrases. Click on the audio icon to the right of each phrase to hear the Spanish pronunciation.
      • Listen to each phrase and practice your Spanish pronunciation as many times as you wish.
      • Pay close attention to the blue highlighted Spanish words and/or expressions.
      • Click on the highlighted verbs and listen to the Spanish verb conjugations
      • Read the Spanish grammar tip (optional)
      • Complete the exercise to test your Spanish
    • What does each Spanish lesson include?Enter description here.
      Each Spanish online lesson includes the following:
      • A short introduction by me, Claudia, to guide you through your lesson
      • 15 practical phrases with audio, translated from English to Spanish (clearly pronounced by a native Spanish speaker)
      • 2 fully conjugated and translated Spanish verbs with audio
      • 2 helpful notes that explain Spanish words or expressions
      • 1 Spanish grammar tip
      • 1 easy exercise
      • 1 fun Spanish vocabulary game

      Every level has its purpose to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to speak Spanish fluently. Level A lessons consist of Spanish phrases in the present tense with a few in the past and future. Level B lessons consist of Spanish phrases in the future tense with a few in the present and past. Level C lessons consist of Spanish phrases in the past with a few in the present and future and Level D lessons concentrate mainly on the subjunctive tense.

      IMPORTANT: Since each lesson includes 15 phrases with a lot of topic-specific vocabulary, we recommend that you first choose and memorise only a few words or only short parts of the phrases that most suit your needs. This helpful tip will ease you gradually into the lessons to come and you won"t feel overwhelmed by the amount to study. Remember, we give you a lot of value for your money! :)

      Each level has 40 lessons, which means you will learn over 2,400 practical Spanish phrases if purchasing the complete 4-level course or over 600 phrases if purchasing one level.

      The four Spanish levels (A, B, C, D) include the following 40 topics, useful for everyday life. As you progress through each level, each lesson will become more challenging helping you expand your Spanish conversational skills gradually.
    • What makes Daily Spanish Phrases different from other courses online? Enter description here.
      • You won’t need to schedule lessons, buy books or CDs and you won’t waste any of your precious time! We send you the complete Spanish e-course with audio (40 lessons per level) automatically via email at the frequency you request (every day, every two days or once a week).

      • There’s no need to buy books or CD’s, so, no hassle to constantly rewind or forward parts of the lesson that you want to hear again and again or skip those parts you are bored with. With Daily Spanish Phrases, you don’t have this problem. Our lessons allow you to listen to each phrase individually as many times as you wish. This course makes learning Spanish "fun". You can skip boring parts (if there are any!) easily! You choose the words, phrases or conjugations that most interest you, and that you want to study...listen to them as often as you like without having to back up and then try to find where you left off.

      • Instead of giving you bits and pieces like most online courses on the Internet, we give you a comprehensive and practical Spanish course. Other online courses offer you free bits and pieces which satisfy your initial curiosity for the language but won’t lead to much in the long run.

      • With our course you save time because all phrases are translated word for word, so there’s no need to second guess the meaning of each phrase or word. All phrases and verb conjugations in the lesson are translated with audio in Spanish.

      • Each lesson is complete; we give you all you need. Each lesson consists of: 15 practical English to Spanish translated phrases with audio, 2 conjugated verbs with audio, 2 helpful notes that explain Spanish words or expressions, 1 Spanish grammar tip, 1 easy exercise and 1 fun vocabulary game.

      • You’ll learn over 2,400 practical phrases and a multitude of vocabulary when purchasing all 4 levels and over 600 phrases when purchasing one level.

      • Nowhere on the Internet will you find so much value for money. Purchase 40 lessons/1 level for only $29, 80 lessons/2 levels for only $49, 120 lessons/3 levels for only $69 and 120 lessons/complete course for only $79!

      • NO need to commute to a Spanish school, so no waste of your precious time and no money wasted on transportation.

      • No scheduling Spanish courses. Our course comes straight to you via email. Study at your own pace, when you want, where you want and at the speed you want.

      • No homework and No exams…just easy-to-do listening of phrases, exercises and games and lots of practice.

      • No considerable costs. The cost is considerably low since all you need is downloadable via email and accessible via your Daily Spanish Phrases online account.

      • Claudia and the DSP team are contactable via email or telephone and are always eager to help you.

      • Recommended study time…only 20 to 30 minutes a day.

      • Study Spanish anywhere…from the comfort of your home, office, library, wireless café or anywhere there’s an Internet connection so you can study even while you’re on holiday.

      • Purchase one level at a time... No need to buy all levels at once. You can buy one level at a time, starting with the level that suits you. Once you have completed that level buy the next. If you are a level D student, you can buy just this one level. Our system is so flexible!

      • You can choose your lesson frequency: everyday, every two days or once a week and you can change it at any time.

      • It’s possible to take more than one lesson in a day. At the end of each lesson, just click on the link called: “I can’t wait for the next lesson; send it to me right now” and take as many lessons as you wish in one day. Some students choose to take up to 3 lessons a day!

      • You can pause or interrupt your lessons at any time in case you need to take a short or extended break or are going away on a holiday. Activate your lessons when ready to continue again.

      • All lessons are retrievable through your Daily Spanish Phrases online account and accessible at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can review past lessons and can practice when you want and at the speed you want. Totally convenient!

      • Manage your own account... when you sign-up for the course, you will receive an online DSP account that allows you to manage your lessons. You"ll be free to change the frequency of your lessons, review past lessons and purchase new levels.

    • Good news! You already know more than 3000 words. Enter description here.
    • 12 top reasons why you should learn Spanish. Enter description here.

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      1. In this era of globalisation, even when so many people speak English, being bilingual is always an advantage. Being bilingual broadens your mind and enriches your personality. Being able to speak a second language gives you a well deserved feeling of confidence and comfort.
      2. It is so much more "friendly" to speak Spanish to a Spanish speaker who doesn"t speak English. Think of two of your Spanish-speaking friends, relatives or acquaintances: one speaks English and the other doesn"t. You will bond better with that person if you make an effort to speak their language. The one who makes the effort is also more highly regarded. ¡Más simpático de verdad!
      3. Speaking Spanish makes travelling to Spanish speaking countries so much easier and more pleasant. Understanding and speaking the language, at least at a basic level, makes you feel welcome and so much more at ease in this foreign environment.
      4. Spanish is the second most spoken international language in the world, and has become the unofficial second language in many parts of the United States.
      5. Speaking Spanish broadens your horizons and introduces you to new realms of ideas, customs, habits and values, making you globally knowledgeable, a skill which is increasingly in demand in today"s international marketplace.
      6. Speaking a second language adds more dimension to your life and thoughts.
      7. Speaking Spanish opens more job opportunities and helps you gain confidence professionally, socially and personally.
      8. Foreign language study creates more understanding and less prejudice towards people of a different culture.
      9. You won"t miss out on first-hand information, news or contacts in Spanish-speaking countries.
      10. You"ll have a better understanding and increased enjoyment of Spanish-speaking films, music, culture and arts.
      11. Studying a second language has been proven to keep your brain alert and enhance your thinking and memory skills.
      12. Speaking Spanish makes chatting over the Internet fun and exciting and helps you perfect your language skills. Who may even find your soul mate this way…if you don’t have one yet!
    • Learn Spanish online in 20-30 minutes a day. Enter description here.
      Practise Spanish only 20-30 minutes a day with our Daily Spanish Phrases’ lessons and you will learn the vocabulary and grammar you need to master practical, day-to-day conversational Spanish.

      There are many Spanish courses out there, taught only in Spanish, without translation. This system might work for some, but so much time is wasted just wondering what those Spanish words or phrases might mean. How time-consuming is guessing what "madrugada" means? How often do you have to hear the word in its context before you finally "get it"? With Daily Spanish Phrases you don’t have this problem. That"s why every one of our Spanish phrases has an on-the-spot translation to English. All Spanish phrases and verb conjugations in each lesson come WITH complete English/Spanish translation and Spanish audio to help you learn so much more and so much faster.

      With 15 phrases daily and a bit of practice you’ll be more than ready to speak conversational Spanish in no time! By dedicating only 20-30 minutes each day you will:

      • Automatically make studying Spanish a long term habit
      • Persevere without realising it because our method is so much fun
      • Read the practical phrases with their Spanish translation daily at your convenience
      • Practice your pronunciation by repeating the phrases as many times as you wish and by listening to the audio
      • Absorb and memorise a few Spanish words a day
      • Listen to the Spanish language daily
      • Hear and learn new practical Spanish phrases every day
      • Quickly and definitively master the basic or advanced knowledge you need to finally speak Spanish!
      • All English to Spanish translated phrases in all levels come with audio in Spanish for you to listen to and to help you practise correct Spanish pronunciation. You can replay the audio of each phrase as often as you like, training your ear and helping you practise over and over again.

      As you progress, your ability to learn and remember Spanish words and phrases will increase. Don"t forget that you can - and will certainly want to - review past lessons. The more you practise each topic"s phrases, the faster you will learn!

      When you have studied, practised and listened to your 15 phrases in each of these 40 topics, revised the grammar tips, completed each exercise and played each game...believe will know how to speak Spanish!
    • What do you gain by learning Spanish? Enter description here.
      Everything! Once you purchase Daily Spanish Phrases and begin to study, you"ll discover just how easy it can be to learn Spanish. You"ll feel less frustrated, knowing that within just months you"ll enjoy the confidence to communicate easily and express yourself in ways you never before thought possible.

      By the end of the course you will have learned over 2,400 day-to-day practical and useful phrases...and a multitude of vocabulary, useful for everyday life.

      So...with Daily Spanish Phrases, all you have to do is:

      • Read the practical phrases with their Spanish translation daily at your convenience
      • Practice your pronunciation by repeating the phrases as many times as you wish and by listening to the audio
      • Absorb and memorise a few Spanish words a day
      • Study 20-30 minutes daily via internet only!
      • Enjoy the e-course and have fun. You have nothing to lose and a whole language to gain!
      • Our linguist Liz Morales has taught Spanish at every level from nursery through university. We have combined her years of experience with cutting-edge technology to create Daily Spanish Phrases, the language learning method that gives you maximum results with a minimum of time invested. Here"s what Liz says about learning with DSP:

      "After spending years as a student mastering Spanish, I began teaching at the university level. Most of my students combined work and studies, and needed a system that taught them Spanish without wasting or taking too much of their time. Today, Daily Spanish Phrases uses the latest technology to bring the most efficient Spanish learning system to you every day in your online mailbox. You will learn all the vocabulary you need from the Spanish phrases which are clearly pronounced by our native Spanish speaker, Teresa Cabarrús. Furthermore, the helpful notes and grammar tips will give you the knowledge you need to finally achieve your goal -- speaking and understanding Spanish."

      To learn Spanish fast, to practice conversational Spanish daily, to learn correct Spanish pronunciation by listening every day to spoken Spanish, and to understand basic Spanish grammar...Daily Spanish Phrases is the course you need!
    • The following is very important for studying Spanish and any language. Enter description here.
      Each time you open your set of 15 English/Spanish translated phrases and you decide to study, I recommend you do the following to make your language learning more productive:

      • Switch your mind to its highest level of alertness and study fast! This is highly recommended because the more you set your mind on studying fast, the more alert, focused and concentrated you will be and the more you will sharpen your memory, the key to learning any language.
      • Memorize by association. The Spanish word for “rice” is “arroz” (pronounced “arroth”). Imagine “arrows” landing in your plate of “rice”.
      • Repeat the pronunciation of phrases and words. Repeat them aloud and frequently until you’re comfortable saying them.
      • Practice, practice and practice and try to absorb and understand as much as you can. Read Spanish language books, magazines and newspapers out loud. Try going to a Spanish or Mexican restaurant and give your order to the waiter in Spanish. Tell him/her only to speak to you in Spanish during your visit at the restaurant.
      • Watch television in the language you’re studying…in this case watch the news, movies/films, programmes, in Spanish.
      • Listen to music in Spanish and try to follow and understand the lyrics while you sing.
      • Study out loud. It is vital to study out loud when possible since language has to be verbally expressed. Don’t feel embarrassed or shy. The more you pronounce the Spanish words and phrases aloud the sooner you’ll become familiar and confident with the language. You’ll easily express yourself better.
      • Absorb and memorise a few Spanish words each day. Write them down 5 times, learn their meaning and use them frequently.
      • Create your own phrases using words you like and are comfortable with.

      Here are other practical tips to help you study:

      • Make sure you have a good study place. It is important to have uninterrupted study time. You may have to hang a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door or take the phone off the hook.
      • Study in a quiet environment. If you find that playing a stereo or TV improves your mood, keep the volume low.
      • Use a desk or table that is large enough to hold everything you need. Allow enough room for writing and try to avoid clutter.
      • Select a chair in which you can sit for long periods while maintaining your attention. A chair that is not comfortable can cause discomfort or pain and will interfere with your studying. A chair that is too comfortable might make you sleepy.
      • Make sure you have good lighting. The amount of light you need depends on what you are doing. It’s important to clearly see what you need to see without any strain or discomfort.
      • Select a temperature at which your mind and body function best. If your study place is too warm, you might become sleepy. If it’s too cold, your thinking may slow down and become unclear.
    • Your complete satisfaction or your money back! Enter description here.
      Purchase the Daily Spanish Phrases online course today! If you"re not satisfied with our method of studying and are not thoroughly convinced this e-course will help you communicate in Spanish easily and quickly, simply send us an email before your 10th lesson. We will cheerfully refund your money -- no questions asked.

      You"ve already taken the initiative to read this far, so I know you"re interested in learning or improving your Spanish language skills. Don"t hesitate to take the next step right now and try Daily Spanish Phrases at no risk whatsoever. You have nothing to lose and a whole language to gain!

      One level/40 lessons costs only $29, that"s less than a cup of coffee a day to develop a skill which will give you the ability you need to speak Spanish easily and naturally. We make learning affordable!

      Take advantage of our special offer and get:
      1. level for $39 now ONLY US $29!
      2. levels for $79 now ONLY US $49!
      3. levels for $117 now ONLY US $69!
      4. levels for $156 now ONLY US $79!

      Looking for a unique and practical gift? You can always give the gift of learning to a family member or friend. All you have to do is sign them up by using the email address where they will receive their lessons. Be sure to tell them about your gift so they can watch for their welcome letter and get started straight away! Keep in mind that lessons can inadvertently end up in the bulk/junk/spam folder so make sure to let them know and in this way, you can ensure they receive their lessons.

      Thank you for your interest in Daily Spanish Phrases. We hope to have you among our thousands of happy and satisfied Spanish-speaking students -- and we wish you lots of success and fun with our revolutionary Spanish e-course!

      Your guide throughout the Daily Spanish Phrases Online Course,
      Claudia Villarreal

    Practice is the KEY to Learn any Language!

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    Why Most People Fail to Learn Spanish Quickly?

    The answer is simple: Lack of a fun system that provides daily practice and stimulates perseverance.

    Most people listen to the 3 first lessons or dvd’s they bought with so much enthousiasm and then ... get bored or tired with the course. They don’t have the discipline to schedule when they will listen to that next dvd or internet course again. They don’t have the opportunity to practice enough which is KEY to study any language.

    With DailySpanishPhrases you won’t need that discipline since the course comes automatically to your mailbox.

    With this system you will be curious about the next 15 Spanish Phrases. You can listen to those few phrases that you really want to memorise as often as you like without listening to those parts that you already know and become boring.

    You will make studying Spanish a long term habit, by practicing daily and you will persevere without realising it. So, if you want to Speak Spanish tomorrow, start learning Spanish with DailySpanishPhrases TODAY!
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    • Your course has caused me only one problem: I"ve become addicted to receiving new phrases every day! I think that your system is really the most enjoyable one for learning a language; I can"t wait to open my new lesson every day and get a kick out of studying your Spanish phrases. To be applauded at the end of each lesson is such a fun incentive. I am surprised how well I can already speak Spanish even though I started from scratch. It"s effective, cheap, comfortable and convenient!
      Roland Steyns
    • It seems like this course has been designed especially for me! I always avoided studying languages in school and I’m not the most disciplined person, so I never was able to persevere and learn basic Spanish. Now I receive your Spanish phrases daily and I am learning Spanish almost without realising it. My curiosity to learn more and more -- how you say this, how you say that -- is now my real drive that will get me through to level D. The fact that I could interrupt my lessons during my holiday was great! I really love your system and I have recommended it to my friends.
      Lut Celis
    • I live in Sweden and travel a lot to Spain, and I can"t tell you how happy I am that somebody finally invented a way to study Spanish without books, cassettes or having to go to a school. Since I work in a company, I don"t have much time to study, and your daily Spanish phrases that I receive in my email and study every evening at home are the answer to my time problem. Learning Spanish through the internet is indeed THE solution for us busy people.
      Kiki Gunnarson

    • I really like the flexibility that the Daily Spanish Phrases course offers. I can always count on the lessons arriving as scheduled and can study when time permits. The audio works extremely well and the lessons are very practical. Much better than a classroom format! My Spanish is definitely improving.
      Clark D. Griffith

    • Just want to let you know that I find your Daily Spanish Phrases course fantastic! No books, no tapes, no need to schedule study"s the most convenient way to learn a language ever invented. With the DSP translated phrases course, you learn very quickly how to say all those Spanish phrases you need for effective communication. And, it"s done in such an entertaining way! My Spanish speaking friends are impressed with my progress and so am I! THANK YOU!
      Eric Carrigan

    • I am English and live in Spain. I spoke Spanish up to a certain level, but because of the complicated verb tenses, the grammar and lack of time to study, I got stuck and couldn"t make more progress. Your daily phrases did the miracle...your easy system has allowed me to finally master the subjunctive and past tenses used in your level D course. Now I"m confident speaking Spanish fluently in all the tenses. I"m recommending Daily Spanish Phrases to all my friends who want to learn Spanish. Just wonderful!
      Louise Brace

    • After years of studying Spanish in high school and college, I still struggled with it. When I came across this course I was totally impressed with how little time and money it took for me to speak the Spanish language. Your translated conjugated verbs got me over my barrier. I"ve never seen THAT in any Spanish course! I got so much value for my money and now I can FINALLY SPEAK SPANISH without ever having stepped in a classroom! Well done, your method is great! GRACIAS!
      Cassandra Whitmore

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