At Avant, we strive to partner organizations in achieving excellence in management. We do not see management as a top echelon activity but rather as an organization wide work-in-progress involving everyone. We help organizations become engaging workplaces through custom built training programs. These programs are scientifically built after a detailed needs analysis.


  • Communication Excellence Programs: According to Bill Gates “Like a human being, a company has to have an internal communication mechanism, a ‘nervous system’, to coordinate its actions”. Clearly, communication is a critical parameter for success. Interestingly, almost everyone claims to know what constitutes effective communication, namely precision, specificity and accuracy but our messaging, especially business messaging continues to get more and more complicated. In Stephen Covey’s, The 8th Habit, a poll of 23,000 employees is discussed in which only 37% of the employees say they clearly understood what their organization was trying to achieve and why. Imagine the danger of this figure in absolute terms – more than one third of employees are communicating with each other, clients and investors in a haze!

    Avant’s Communication Excellence programs are created after understanding what an organization classifies as communication excellence, why it is needed, who needs it the most.
  • Customer Service Excellence Programs: Let’s look at a three year result of MSN Money - Zogby International Customer service ranking by companies:

    Year 2009
    1. USA
    2. Trader Joe's
    3. Netflix
    4. Amazon
    5. Nordstrom
    6. Publix
    7. Whole Foods
    8. Apple
    9. Costco
    10. Southwest Airlines
    Year 2010
    1. Amazon
    2. Trader Joe's
    3. Netflix
    4. Apple
    5. FedEx
    6. Publix
    7. Southwest Airlines
    8. UPS
    9. Nordstrom
    10. Marriott
    Year 2011
    1. Amazon
    2. Trader Joe's
    3. Netflix
    4. Nordstrom
    5. Publix
    6. Southwest Airlines
    7. Apple
    8. Fedex
    9. Costco
    10. UPS
    For 3 years in a row, Trader Joe’s, Netflix and Amazon have remained in the top 4. They’ve retained that position by having at least an 80% positive response from randomly sampled people who were familiar with their service. Why did they fare so? Their customers feel “valued”. Their knowledgeable, friendly and flexible staff resolves problems quickly and offers great post sales service. In short, the customer feels like they “are’ the company. At Avant, we want to understand what your customer wants from you to love you. We create our Customer Service Excellence programs by evaluating shortfalls and moving towards the above basic principles of customer service excellence.
  • Team Building Programs: Even the brightest, most exceptional idea needs a team to execute it to fruition. Most great ideas and people face failure because they are either unable or unwilling to work with others. Every organization is faced with the challenge of how to create teams, how to make them support each other and how to ensure that they learn by cross pollination. “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision, the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results”.

    Avant’s Team Building programs will make participants create personal development strategies by identifying their individual strengths and weaknesses. They will learn to develop a robust and close ended rule of engagement for developing inter-team and intra team trust with shared management of expectations.
  • Sales Process and Effectiveness Programs: Sales effectiveness is a combination of several factors such as the ability to identify sales potential; likeability and persuasiveness; personal integrity; resilience and above all, exceptional follow up for closure. At Avant, we believe that while these principles of sales excellence are universal, different organizations have different requirements for acquiring and enhancing sales. Employees who are in the forefront as sales professionals are the critical link in an organization’s sales efforts. Individual talent and ability of sales professionals must be appreciated by employers but ongoing sales training programs must be undertaken to positively reinforce these principals.

    At Avant, we work with clients to study their sales needs, their industry specific requirements, their clients, the competitive landscape and their available resources to create effective programs that improve the output of their sales staff.
  • Leadership Programs: Employers worldwide are faced with similar challenges when it comes to issues of leadership. Sadly, most organizations seem to have “bosses” instead of leaders. John F. Kennedy said “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”. Leadership cannot be effective unless leaders take the time to learn not just ways to better manage their teams but how to make themselves better leaders of people. Leadership is a trait but Business Leadership is an on-going activity. A leader inspires, listens, cares, solves problems, builds trust, achieves goals and above all lifts average people into achieving extraordinary results through personal example. Leaders at work must do all of this within the context of their business.

    At Avant, we work with organizations to create leadership programs that are effective in strengthening leadership qualities in employees and motivating existing leaders to become even more effective. We help develop strategic vision for teams and organization, articulate tangible expectations and course of action.
  • Project Management Programs: Simply understood, Project Management is a time bound, stand alone endeavor undertaken to achieve a unique goal. At Avant, we work with project management teams, both new and existing and create project management programs that are both universal in concept and customized in application. Our programs will help manage projects better by addressing the entire lifecycle of the project from start to finish in conjunction with the timelines, resources and risks that go with it. This program deals with the end to end activities that constitute a project and its successful implementation.
  • Personal Effectiveness: All of us know a few people who independent of rank or education are highly effective. They seem to manage their time better for optimal results, they work better with others, they seem to manage conflict and stress better and above all, they are highly adaptable to change. So who are these people? They are highly ’effective’ people. In the context of business, these people are the high performing individuals who are able to achieve best results for themselves, their teams and the organization.

    At Avant, we work with clients to help identify the personal styles of their employees and play on their strengths while helping reduce weaknesses to personal effectiveness. Participants are encouraged to know themselves better and to encounter change and conflict head on.


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