At Avant, we like to think of ourselves as industry agnostic. However, we believe that there are some industries in particular where our service offerings can have a critical impact.

QSR (Quick Service Restaurants)
Hospitals and Clinics
Beauty, Wellness and Fitness
Consumer Products and Distribution

These industries are faced with unprecedented growth and market corrections and are facing serious challenges in talent management. In several of these industries growth has become challenging due to paradigm shifts in demand patterns and consumer expectations. Organizations expect their employees to display several skills and traits that create customer loyalty and increase revenue. There are critical deliverables that each of these industries is looking at:

  • Customer centricity
  • Front end customer interaction excellence
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Operational excellence
  • Inter departmental cohesion and teamwork
  • Supply chain management expertise
  • Proactive problem solving
  • Crisis resolution skills
  • Seamless service at all touch points
  • Sales closure and repeat sales expertise
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Desire for taking ownership.

At Avant, we recognize these pain areas from the outset and employ our customized Management Excellence Programs for bringing the needed behavioral and skills expertise to our clients.

Institutes of higher education

We work with colleges across the country with the specific aim of converting their students into “job ready” assets. We work with industry to create a curriculum for behavioral skills and job specific execution skills that it is looking for in its first time employees. These requirements are integrated into existing college curriculum. This ensures that both students and industry can manage their expectations better and educational institutes get a higher success in their placement rates.

Government and Government Bodies and Institutions

Government and Government bodies are becoming increasingly collaborative in the area of training and skill enhancement of their workforce. Private participation through industry inputs and training expertise is being sought to enhance overall management skills. At Avant, we provide end to end strategic consulting for management and skill enhancement in this space.


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