The most commonly heard complaint from employers is that most young talent they meet seems imminently unemployable. We often hear managers talk about how they see great resumes but when they actually meet candidates, they don’t wish to hire them for reasons as diverse as poor personality to inadequate knowledge of industry and job requirements. At Avant, we work with both Educational Institutes as well as Employers to determine role specific and industry specific soft skills and traits that are needed in first time employees. These requirements are incorporated into the learning curriculum of institutes from which potential hiring is done by clients. We believe this to be a more effective and direct way to groom, identify and absorb talent that can hit the ground running for you.


  • Role and Industry specific curriculum – Our clients include both industry as well as institutes of higher education. We work with both to create a synergy between industry and resource pools of potential employees. We work with business and HR verticals in organizations to put together job specific learning parameters that can be incorporated within the learning curriculum of students. This prepares students in understanding what is expected of them in their very first jobs both on the process as well as people front. An embedded curriculum within the degree or diploma study that students are already undertaking helps make them a “ready to deliver” workforce. Industry expectations and requirements are thus addressed even before the actual recruitment efforts begin. Educational institutes are able to increase placements and employers are able to hire better.
  • Delivery of curriculum – Industry specific curriculum that is created by Avant is taught at institutes both by Avant trainers as well as by the already existing staff once transfer of knowledge is done through our Training of the Trainer module for this purpose.
  • Employment opportunity linkages – By incorporating industry expectations and requirements into the learning curriculum of institutes, Avant helps bring employers closer to potential employees. By helping educational institutes create better ready-to-hire candidates, we help generate increased, better and regular hiring.

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