In order for learning to be successful, content plays an important role. Just as a square peg does not fit in a round hole, content must be created with the need, the audience and the anticipated results clearly defined. Our content building activity involves a detailed, pragmatic and scientific study of all these three components. We use an effective mix of media and methodology including experiential and adult learning methods to get the message home. Our thought leadership for content creation rides on 100 + years of collective knowledge and experience that team Avant brings to this activity.


  • Customized Content – At Avant, we build content for our clients’ training needs by keeping in mind fundamentals such as their specific business needs that have warranted training, audience profile, audience needs and expectations, learning ability of the audience and overriding organizational expectations from training. For us at Avant, one shoe should not fit all and so also training cannot be expected to replicate with success without being driven by specific, local, relevant and meaningful role holder specific content. We put 100 + years of collective thought leadership from various industries and a wonderful diversity in Avant’s collective background to bring potent content to our clients.
  • Mixed Media Content – The content that we create at Avant is spread across various media so that it is highly effective. We use Audio and Video technology and internet based content to get the learning across to our audience. We are clear that unless a mixture of media is used for delivery of content, its absorption may become tedious and untenable, especially for a younger role holder profile.

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