Across the world, wherever communities have found a common purpose or have taken ownership of their well being and quality of life, great nations have been formed. At Avant, we see our communities as organizations that need learning, accountability and leadership for common tasks. We actively pursue programs designed for community building by working with PPP’s, Government bodies, RWA’s and Corporate Social Responsibility teams as our clients. We are committed to making our communities safer and better for all and we are focused on quality of life issues that impact everyone. Our aim is to provide our local communities with the same learning experiences that we provide our corporate clients so that best practices can trickle down wide.


  • Needs Identification Reports –Just as in the case of our corporate clients, we work with communities and community leaders to determine the critical problems that affect their collective quality of life such as dangerous driving, poor civic scenario, traffic management, partnership schemes with local authorities etc. Each issue has an impact on the lives of every household in the community and identifying critical needs and gaps ensures that these issues are strategically dealt with.

  • Steering Committee Management – At Avant we help liaise between communities and local decision making bodies such as RWA’s, Police, Municipal corporations, Industry etc. This is done to create a common stake in the well being of the community. Stakeholders collaborate and create a steering committee that represents everyone’s interests. Critical gaps and crucial issues that concern the community are addressed and acted upon by these steering committees. We help manage such steering committees and their overall functioning.

  • Content Creation and Training Delivery – Topic and role based content is created for our communities by our thought leaders and the same is delivered in the most appropriate and relevant manner to identified trainees whether they be groups of service providers, school children, households or  RWA’s etc.




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