We often hear employers talking about “poor fits” with regard to some employees. Poor fits have the potential of hurting an organization’s growth and well being. Our clients are focused on finding the right person for the right job as well as training and equipping people to become the “right” people. At Avant, we help determine whether their recruitment efforts including methodology and criteria are effective. Post recruitment training is also analyzed and improved. On an on-going basis, we work with employees to determine whether they are “feeling good” about themselves and their work, whether they are engaged or disengaged and consequently what ought to be done to make them feel better about their role in general and the organization in particular.


  • Recruitment tools evaluation – Organizations use various organic and third party tools for recruitment of suitable employees. We often find that these tools have lost impact because organizations have grown or work profiles have changed. We help employers revaluate these tools for effective hiring.
  • Recruitment methods evaluation – Various recruitment methods are used by employers to find the right candidates. These methods are as varied as traditional campus recruitment, job fairs, advertising, new media and social networks. We work with clients to determine the best strategy for their recruitment method needs.
  • Post recruitment Training evaluation – At Avant, we work with clients to review existing training structure for the newly recruited. Very often, such a structure is only partially in place or ineffective. We work with clients to evaluate their training structure and content and determine changes that may be needed for improvement so that better organizational alignment may be achieved.
  • Employee engagement evaluation – Employee satisfaction is directly and strongly linked to organizational performance but is still a neglected concept in the matrix of corporate measurement. At Avant, we work with HR and Business teams to create a reporting mechanism that encapsulates indicators of employee well being. This is done through group discussions, question based interviews and online surveys. This is a test message.


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